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In addition to the Community Center classes and social activities, We also offer the following programs:

People Helping People

Our People Helping People program is designed for and by seniors living in the Boothbay Region to maintain vibrant lifestyles as they age.

Members receive services, which may include transportation, grocery shopping, and outings.

There is a membership fee of $20/month.  For more information, call The Community Center at (207)633-9876.

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Van Enrichment Trips

Our Community Center Van isn’t just for transportation to and from The Community Center.  It opens the walls of The Center to include the world outside of our peninsula.  Enrichment trips to date have included the Farnsworth Museum in Rockland, to the Maine Maritime Museum in Bath, to the Maine State Museum in Augusta and to the Sabbath Lake Shaker Village for The Native American Craft Show.  There is no transportation or admission cost, people just buy their own lunch!

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